Thursday, February 24, 2005

A potent Johnson: Secret to our success

Resolved: Nick Johnson must stay healthy

So sayeth the Post and the Times.

In the Post article, Barry Svrluga focuses on Johnson's penchant for freak injuries. In addition, it contains this quotation from Jorge Posada, which will give us some morning inspiration:

"If he stays healthy, I'm telling you, he can win a batting title," Yankees catcher Jorge Posada said earlier this spring. "That's how good a hitter he is. He was like Giambi when Giambi was younger -- very selective, very patient at the plate, using the whole field, making the pitcher work. He's a lot like that." Posada then added, "Plus, you know, Nick's on the juice, too."

Okay, I made that last part up.

Dick Heller in the Times treads roughly the same ground, plus adds some insight on Johnson's relationship with his uncle, Crazy Larry Bowa, as well as Johnson's work with Nats hitting coach Tom McCraw

Significantly, both articles start with the assumption (albeit somewhat implied) that Johnson will be the first and, subject to injury or poor play, would eventually be pushed out of a job, with Wilkerson moving over. Good times, Nats fans; good times.

News Flash!

This depth chart over at the official site lists Wilkerson at first base and Johnson on the bench.
Yeah, the Nats Blog referenced that earlier today I think.

I'm not sure how accurate it really is. Specifically, (1) is it just based on the writer's perception or inside information? (2) it was last updated Feb. 9.

But it's something worth our vigilance, that's for sure, Yuda. Maybe we should start a petition. ;-)
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