Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Paul White is Alright

Nationals Pastime John scores big interview; other stuff

---Bravo to John on landing this heart-to-heart with the senior editor of Baseball, er, Sports Weekly. Way to go, John!

---The Distinguished One does the debriefing. That's worth a read, too.

---The Filibusterer has the scoop on 2005 park factors from Baseball Info Solutions. I'm generally skeptical of prospective park factors, but hey---we report; you decide!

---The Gray Pager is back and provides an exegesis on what it means to be a sports "dynasty."

---Nat-fanatics, your official "Nats Fan Club" site, has a bunch of interesting content and technical features.

---The Punisher and others have picked up on the rumor that Elliot Price will be the Nats' radio voice. Who? Well, that's a good question. We do know he's Canadian (scroll to the comments section in the link)---or at least we so infer from the fact that he was the Spos' radio guy. If Price is a good announcer, then fine; however, I'm wary of incorporating too much Expos' stuff actively (as opposed to in tribute). That Nats are a new creation: the old has gone; the new has come. Put another, less epistle-sounding way, let's not create a perception that this is Montreal Expos II, guys.

---Nationals MLB News has a bunch o' interesting features, including a quick-hits-style look at the starting lineup that surpasses Ladsonian standards quite easily.

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