Thursday, February 10, 2005

Nothing beats name recognition

Except when your city's general sports columnist has no idea who they are

Before I get to the substance (a bit of a paradoxical concept, considering this post concerns a Kornheiser column), I felt compelled to quote this line:

I'm told Duke grad and relentless book churner Junior Feinstein offered $3.9 million out of proceeds from his upcoming book "Me And Mike Gminski: The Early Years."

I actually laughed out loud at that.

Anyway, Kornheiser's benevolent neglect finds no favor with William World News:

Yawn. Tony Kornheiser does not know who any of the Nats players are, does not like the uniform, wonders about RFK and ultimately just shows he has not been paying attention. Sometimes, I wonder why he even writes a
column anymore.

Nor with Ballwonk, for that matter:

[H]e invents a whole new level of condescension previously unknown to science. Call it "hubriscension." Tony doesn't know who Terrmel Sledge is and he doesn't like the "old school" uniforms and he wants the team to
have an owner last year, and so the Nationals are beneath him.

"Hubriscension." I like it. And, as far as compound words go, it sure beats "Willenium."

I'll comment on the column in three notes:

1. The operative word with Kornheiser does start with an "h," but I think it's actually "hyperbole."
2. If that's so, then I question the efficacy of Bowden's apparent "I'll acquire people everyone's heard of to drum up interest in the team" strategy.
3. The Post's caption writer needs an editor.

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