Thursday, February 17, 2005

No news is . . . no news

Guess what we still don't have?

A radio deal!

Well, a winner in the radio rights war for Nationals' play-by-play coverage was supposed to be announced mid-week. And it's already Thursday. Sources tell us that it's a battle of the "corporate radio titans" - between Clear Channel (WTEM) and Infinity (WJFK-FM), with the latter the
favorite. A deal could be announced at any moment. Or not. When we know, you'll know.....

To say nothing of a TV deal, of course . . .

---Greg Licamele, a new columnist for Natfanatics, gets off to a splendid start in his first submission, even coining a new expression:

Baseball and the Orioles are now battling over where the official Mazzilli-Robinson Line fits on a map and which areas are considered “exclusive” and “shared.”

The Mazzilli/Robinson Line. I like it.

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