Thursday, February 24, 2005

Newsflash: Armas to start opener!!!

Well, okay---it's the spring opener

"LIVAN!" is still slated for the real one. (Was that right?)

Other notes from the article:

---Carlos Baerga, Vanquisher of Prospects the World Wide, showed up in Viera yesterday. The article noted that Baerga works out with several big leaguers, including Juan Gonzalez. It's Steroids Day at Nationals Inquirer!

---The cryptic "Charlie Gibson in uniform" blog entries from Barry "Hoops Dreams" Svrluga now have context. A native Washingtonian and Senators fan from long ago, Gibson was participated in a personal baseball fantasy camp with the Nats. Must be nice. On the other hand, the article amusingly notes that he "had problems hitting the baseball." A very curteous description by Mr. Ladson, I'd suspect.

---Joey Eischen has "lost 10 pounds in the last three days." Diagnosis: puking his guts out. Also, Francis Beltran has "a slight elbow sprain." Kiss of death.

---Chad Cordero laid down his Juan Hancock for 2005.

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