Thursday, February 17, 2005

NatZ-104? FEDeral baseball?

I'm out of WTOP range here, but apparently there's an announcement right now

According to listeners on the Ballpark Guys Nats site, Z-104 FM (Bonneville, no surprise---considering WTOP pimped the announcement) gets the games. Reaction on the BG site is not overjoyed, to say the least.

What happened to the mighty 'JFK being the "leader"?

UPDATE: Post copied from the BP forum:

Nats To Z104, WFED - 2/17 - This just in. All night and evening Nationals games will be heard on Bonneville's hot adult contemporary Z104 (104.1 FM/103.9 FM). All daytime games will be heard on Bonneville's federal news talker WFED (1050 AM). The announcement was made on WTOP's airwaves at 4 PM Thursday by Joel Oxley, who heads Bonneville's DC radio cluster, including Z104, WFED, WTOP, and WGMS.....In otherwords, you better have tickets to the day games, cause you won't hear them on the radio.

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