Friday, February 04, 2005

Nat stat of the day, Feb. 4

Where our Nats rate

On the Expos' franchise leaderboard, that is.

The lists for the different stat categories go up to the top 50 players, unless not enough qualify. I'll use rate stats, since not many of these guys built up significant career numbers in the organization.* Today, the position players:

Batting average:
Jose Vidro, 2nd (.304)
Wil Cordero, tie 14th (.277)
Brad Wilkerson, 26th (.259)

On-base percentage:
Wilkerson, 6th (.370)
Vidro, 9th (.367)
Cordero, 15th (.342)

Slugging percentage:
Vidro, 8th (.470)
Wilkerson, 9th (.468)
Cordero, 15th (.434)

Adjusted OPS+:
Wilkerson, 11th (113)
Vidro, 13th (112)
Cordero, 23rd (100 on the nose)

* Yes, I know this is a frivolity more than anything, since there's no indication that the Expos' franchise records will even carry forward with the Nationals. But then, "frivolity" is the essence of a feature like "Nat stat of the day."

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