Thursday, February 10, 2005

Inanimate? I'll show you inanimate!

Nats' ticket process less agile than Andre the Giant, and he's dead

The Punisher served as our official Frustration Correspondent late last night. Adub assumed John Chancellor's old chair and provided succinct commentary:


An exciting moment did happen upon the discussion in Chris' blog, when "Trapper John" apparently hacked into the Nats/Ticketmaster system. Presumably with the assistance of R2-D2. Trapper should be able to access the entire imperial (MLB) network now.

---On an unrelated note, The Distinguished Gentleman, his cup having runneth over on "Puppy Bowl"-related matters, resumes championing the cause of Livan Hernandez. It's worth a read, as most of Ryan's compositions are. The opening act, by the way, is a neat little Baseball Prospectus slam, in which Ryan ponders the derivation of the name "James Click."

Thank you, thank you. Hey, speaking of bushmen, did you know that they made a third Gods Must Be Crazy movie, and it was a kung-fu comedy?
I am now more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Bwahahaha.
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