Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Get them over there! Schnell! Schnell!

Just trying to sort things out quickly, like my man Hans Gruber

Time for an on-the-go Inquirer entry . . .

---Bill Ladson's spring training quick hit on MLB.com posed as the first "question that needs an answer" the important consideration of the lead-off guy's identity. (It better not be "Endy," because if it is . . . )

Well, we need to look no more, because directly above it, in the stat wrap, Brad Wilkerson has been credited with an .872 OBP!!! Hey-yo! That guy's on-base more than Jose Canseco!

---The gamma rays are dissolving somewhat, and with counseling from the good folks at the Ballpark Guys DC forum, Hulk Basil is coming to the realization that, if he only splurges on the MLB Extra Innings package as currently planned, he shouldn't miss out on much, despite the local sports radio station joining up with the Braves and not the Nats. I'll still look into XM Radio, but probably just for the car, rather than the office.

---Speaking of radio, as previously noted by The Punisher (who will never trust me again), the Post is reporting that WTEM might be out of the game, to be replaced by a WMAL vs. WJFK steel cage match (I assume; though one interpretation of the article could be that it is implying that Infinity owns WMAL---of course, the Post also used to imply that Infinity owns WTEM, too). Anyway, I'd actually like to see a Don & Mike versus Chris Core & Gopher fight-to-the-death. That would be interesting.

---Finally, one might recall my previous posts regarding the Sammy Sosa trade. Yes, it's an old subject, but in one I linked to an evaluation of the trade by one Baseball Savant. The aforementioned Savant, who in real life goes by the name of David, emailed me today, taking issue (but in an exceedingly kind and collegial manner) with my characterization of his post on the trade. (There is also a "comment" by David in the "comments" section of the old post.)

Well, after further review, I think David is right. The section excerpted is a projection and really only a projection; it does not comprise the entirety of his analysis. And I apologize for stating or implying otherwise.

And I also want to plug his blog. I leafed through some of the current posts, and there's good stuff there.

I bought the MLBTV package last season. (They were running a promotion with MSN last year that made it practically free.)

If you've got broadband at home, it's a great way to keep up. And it includes access to the radio so you don't waste away ALL those billable hours.

They also archived all the broadcasts, so you could catch them later. They even had a shortened game, which only showed action plays, so you could watch a game in 25 minutes.

The thing with extra innings is, that depending on how the market territories work out, you may be blacked out. Actually, now that I think of it, you'd be blacked out of MLB.TV too. Damn monopolies. (The online radio isn't blacked out though.)
Yeah. I'm only getting the radio package this year, for non-Nats radio. What with the house purchasing and all that, I don't need to spend the money on DirecTV or Extra Innings, and as the year progressed I became disappointed in MLB.TV -- although really, it's a pretty good package when you consider it's only about a hundred bucks for the season.
I had MLB Audio last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I could listen to Bob Uecker or Jon Miller whenever I wanted. Best 15 bucks I ever spent.
Thanks for the advice, righteous dudes.

Chris, you mentioned the blackout restrictions; I know they have a reputation for being---as the Three Amigos might say---in-famous.

Do you know where I might find specific info such that I sign up for Extra Innings and don't end up with six months of Thom Brenneman trying out for junior high alto?
Last year, they had a listing on their website--check out the MLB.TV section. I'd poke around for it now for ya, but I'm behind that damn firewall here at work.

It's all zipcode based. Last year, you would've been blacked out from Orioles broadcasts as they would've been considered your 'home' team. HA! This year, MLB.TV would black you out from the Nats, probably.

(The blackout doesn't apply to the radio broadcasts and you can watch the game the next day without blackout restrictions too.)

If you have some questions about it, email me. cneedham at vfwdc dawt org
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