Friday, February 04, 2005

Extra value meal

Yet more items for your lunch-time reading pleasure

---Ballpark deal!!!

Okay, it's in Miami. And it's "tentative"---which, by the way, is only the 839th time we've heard rumors about "tenative" Miami ballpark pacts, right? Anyway:

Miami-Dade tax collector Ian Yorty said Thursday that a written document on the tentative deal could be completed by early next week for the stadium to be built next to the Orange Bowl west of Miami's downtown.

Thereafter, Mr. Yorty was executed by an angry mob, because the kind folks at USA Today outed him as a tax collector. There is, after all, no justice like angry-mob justice.

At any rate, like a Twins ballpark or an A's ballpark, this is one of those "believe it when we see" things---a "spade in the dirt" situation, for those of you who read the Ballpark Guys forum.

And while the article references the "Miami Marlins," we all know [get ready for an already-cliched joke] they'll really be called the "Miami-Dade Marlins of Miami, Florida."

---Couple of broadcast-related items from DCRTV: [1] Baltimore's deal with WBAL is for only one year, due to the ongoing "negotiations" between MLB and Captain Asbestos, Esq. [2] The O's are still looking for a DC radio affiliate, now that WTEM (apparently) will set its mediocre sights on the Nats. An Angelosian claims that there is "someone who is interested" in the DC market. Must be WBFE-AM, that 12-watt, directional car cigarette lighter.

---Bill Ladson continued his "Around the Horn" series with a look at the rotation. The whole series, of course, is really just an "informational purposes only" primer for new fans with not a lot of sophisticated analysis.

Ladson does, though, comment on who will comprise the rotation. Early in the article, he states rather plainly Hernandez, Armas, Okha, Day + Loiaza will be the starters; however, later on, there is just passage:

The Nationals also have Jon Rauch, John Patterson and Michael Hinckley, all of whom are capable of starting. They likely will battle for a spot in the bullpen. However, Bowden did not rule them out for a spot in the rotation this year. "The thing I love is competition," Bowden said. "If they can show that they can pitch better than what we have, we would be open to them
being in the rotation."

I might be obtuse, but I don't exactly possess a coherent grasp of the situation right now. We go from three guys likely duking it out for one bullpen assignment, to a reporter's statement that they might get a look at the rotation this year (but not this spring?), to Bowden's implication of something resembling an open competition (though not for a determinate number of spots). So, I'm not really sure if we've been told much; I'll revert back to the assumption that there really won't be a competition at all for even one spot in the rotation. I suspect Ladson's statement early in the article was correct.

And, by the way, we all know that what Jim Bowden really loves is to hear the sound of his voice.

You're close there Basil.

It's not the sound of his voice he loves. It's the sound of other people saying his name that he loves even more.
Well, everybody from here to Timbuktu knows Tony Armas Jr. is going to spend some time on the disabled list. So, if nothing else, I'm seeing an opportunity for somebody to step in and "show me something."
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