Thursday, February 24, 2005

Every day's been darkness since you been gone

In Montreal, baseball's doors are closed

And they're a little peeved. For instance:

Longtime Expos season ticket-holder Albert Saragosi will go to spring training as usual this year, but won't go near Melbourne, Fla. That is now the training site of the Washington Nationals - the team that used to be the Expos - but Saragosi is looking for a new club to root for. "I'm making a point of not even going there," said the Montreal businessman who followed the Expos from their inception as an expansion team in 1969. "I don't like what baseball did to Montreal."

As Holly Generro McClane's secretary observed in Die Hard, "That man looks really pissed."

Or check out a host at Montreal's sports talk radio station:

"We'll have baseball, but over my dead body will there be Washington Nationals games," he said. "The same people who did their best to put the final nail in the Expos' coffin are still there. "Why root for them? They're not the Expos."

Now, as a passionate and persuasive JMadisonIV replied at the Ballpark Guys forum, when you tuned into a Montreal radio station, you got a lot of "They're not the Expos" too, so what does it matter? Or, more broadly, people had stopped coming to their games, so what's the big de . . . aw, we've been over this ground before, right?

Well, yeah, I guess we have in one forum or another. So I'll limit my comments to a simple run-on sentence:

Baseball moving was inevitable be glad it was to DC but don't expect Montreal fans not to be bitter remember 1971 after all and I really hope that baseball builds itself back up there maybe in the minors for a while there's just so much history there and there are still great fans some were loyal to the end and many more got tired of being jerked around but they're come around if baseball wouldn't jerk them around so have patience with our brothers and sisters in Montreal.

Especially now; the Canadiens (the Canadiens!!) have just let off some of their employees, after all. It's not a good time there, sports-wise.

---Totally unrelated endnote: We've got a new highly-recommended blog! Today it's SethSpeaks, which looks to be a Twins/general Minnesota sports/entertainment site. I first discovered Seth's site by happening upon his NL East hitters preview, which is a part of his "Fantasy Perspective" series. So, for you fantasy players out there (I'm a benevolently neglectful player myself; I draft well and then forget about my teams by early May, if that), it looks like Seth will be a nice resource.

So too, by the way, is The Baseball Savant, whose site by happy coincidence I recommended a few weeks ago; the Savant is now writing for the aptly-named, by the way.

Well, since I'm here now----here's some quick links:

---Barry Svrluga-Nationals Journal update: Well, I'm still kinda worn out from absorbing yesterday's entries, what with the excitement attendant with a Charlie Gibson sighting. I'll narrow it down to one tidbit: Jim Bowden loves nylon warmup suits. I know, it's shocking.

---Eric at Offwing Opinion discusses the duty a commissioner owes as a steward of a league. I'm not much of an NHL (what?) fan, but I'll confess I read Eric's thoughts (and linked to many of the other hockey bloggers) during the run-up to the blow-up of the hockey season. I felt for them, you know.

---Ryan ain't buying any puffiness toward Bowden. Go ahead, make his day.

---District of Baseball spotted an all-time caption blunder this morning. Florida Today has fixed the picture now, but Eucalyptus managed to preserve it for posterity. Frank Robinson looks surprisingly appealing for an almost 70 year-old man.

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