Monday, February 07, 2005

Developments regarding the ray-dee-oh

Nats to be in possession of Mid-Atlantic network?

The Punisher has a quote up from DCRTV regarding an ad on Clear Channel DC sports talker WTEM-AM implying that it will serve as the Nats' flagship.

Well, I'll add something to the mix: I live in Richmond, and one of the sports talkers here, WRNL-AM (also owned by Cheap Channel), has been running promos touting a big announcement during afternoon drive today. It could be a new show, I suppose, although the format is a pretty bunched-up mix of FOX Sports Radio dreck and local stuff already, or it could be a new play-by-play property. Announcements right now concerning football (just ended) and basketball (in progress) aren't likely; I'd bet it might be regarding baseball. And the station has carried O's games since 2002, so perpetuating that wouldn't really warrant a whole weekend's worth of teases, right?

Consequently, I think it's the Nats.

And, just noodling around a bit, maybe WRNL is just the first in a series of mid-Atlantic, Cheap Channel-owned sports stations to fall in line.

I'll update once the announcement's been made. Maybe I'm raising speculation over something that turns out to be a Jim Rome Tour Stop or something similarly mindless, but I hope not.

Well, not to scoop you on your own blog site, but the 910 announcement was that they were carrying the Atlanta Braves this season. That doesn't bode well for either the Clear Channel deal or the presence of the Nats on Richmond radio this season.

That's what happens with management by committee. Gawd, this team can't get a real owner soon enough.
Yep, you beat me to it. Looks like it's up to WTOX now. < /end sarcasm >
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