Thursday, February 17, 2005

An Angelosian death wish?

From here, of course:

Nationals To Z104, WFED - 2/17 - This just in. All evening and night Nationals baseball games will be heard on Bonneville's hot adult contemporary Z104 - 104.1 FM/103.9 FM. All daytime games will be heard on Bonneville's federal news talker WFED - 1050 AM. The announcement was made on Bonneville all-newser WTOP's airwaves at 4:04 PM Thursday by Joel Oxley, who heads Bonneville's DC radio cluster, which includes Z104, WFED, WTOP, and WGMS. This is a surprise because it was widely reported that the Nats' play-by-play finalists were Clear Channel's WTEM and Infinity's WJFK-FM. The games will be difficult to hear on the Baltimore area airwaves because of Clear Channel smooth jazzer WSMJ at 104.3, which is adjacent to Z104's 104.1 frequency. The full-powered 104.1 signal, however, originates from southern Prince George's County, and has some weak coverage areas in DC's northern and western suburbs.
Z104's 103.9 Frederick area outlet is a relatively low-powered regional signal, as is WFED, which runs only 1,000-watts by day.....

Golly. That really sort of sucks. I'm out of range for every station, of course, but my heart goes out to those who work in NoVa---or suburban Md, for that matter. You've got your work cut out for you for those afternoon games.

My word, they're trying to kill the team.

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