Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ah jeez! Another blogger!!!

Okay, so this one is a tad bit more relevant than your humble Nationals Inquirer . . .

It's maintained by Post beat writer Barry Svrluga (that's "Svr-loo-guh," bucko), as well as some deputy sports editor guy and assorted others (specified in the first post, appropriately enough, as "Other Authors").

The need for (and beauty of) this blog is perhaps so apparent it need not require mention, but Svrluga states it rather succinctly anyway:

The idea here (assuming there is an idea) is that the Nationals Journal will be a good way to get news and observations while the Nationals go through their historic first spring training. If Jose Vidro reinjures his knee, we’ll try to get it up here fast. If there’s an interesting development in a spring game – you know, someone’s going to hit the first home run as a Washington National – we’ll let you know. And if I do actually see a cow beyond the outfield wall, the post will likely be marked, “Urgent.”

We'll be looking for those cow updates, needless to say.

Obviously, Nationals Journal is a welcome and indispensible part of Natsblogville; in fact, it's got the white, 28-bedroom mansion, high on the lush green hill.

(I've got a basement in a townhouse about to be condemned, by comparison.)

Scooped me again. Damnit ;)

I've gotta stop paying so much attention to work! Where are my priorities, damnit!
Lunch-time, my man. I'm no big shot here, so I just brown-bag it and surf. ;-)
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