Thursday, January 27, 2005

You. Are. Terminated.

DC Councilwoman Sharon Ambrose faces prospect of recall, unsuspecting public faces possibility of lame Ah-nold jokes

Some folks in Ward 6 are a touch upset with her service to the constituency, it would appear. There's a 5,000 vote threshold for the required recall petition, and Chris at Capitol Punishment addresses the issue with an eye toward the concept of election nullification:

I don't know about her politics, but I think there's something
screwy with a system that forces a politician to have to deal with something like that with so few signatures needed. It certainly can't make for good politics.

Just to waste my lunch hour, I went back and checked the numbers for Ambrose's last election, which appears to have been in 2002. That year, just short of 17,000 Ward 6 voters cast ballots. Now, I have no idea how many registered Ward 6 voters there are in total, and I generally disfavor the concept of recall (or impeachment, for that matter; just vote the chucklehead out next time). At the same time, I doubt that, for instance, those California dudes bummed out by Gray Davis' non-excellence needed to collect signatures representing 30% of the figure of cast ballots in the previous election.

Anyway, given the substance of the criticism of Ambrose, I wonder if she knows the price of tea in China? ;-)

While my other open window is scanning Chris' blog, I'll take note of another entry: turns out the radio deal with Cheap Channel's WTEM isn't so mixed in concrete, after all. And to think I just derided that poor Nats beat writer for saying, "Tavares hopes to announce the radio deal soon."

This leads me to wonder---who is the more foolish: the fool (who has been rumoring it as a done deal), or the fool who follows him (me)?

Rhetorical question, of course . . .

You inspired me. I went back and looked. As of 2004, there are just over 50,000 voters registered in Ward 6. I have no idea what the population is, but I'm assuming it's probably double that?

So with just 10% of the registered voters, you can try to overturn an election?

If you've got a core of dedicated people, you can get 10% pretty easily, I'd imagine. People will sign lots of things thrown in front of their face.

I'm reminded of the old Man Show sketch--yes, I'm admitting to have watched an episode, honest, it won't happy again--where they set up shop encouraging women to sign a petition to end "Suffrage" because too many people were being harmed in the world. They were willingly signing up! Oy!
One-third turnout, huh? Pretty crappy; sounds about right.
1/3 is probably about right. Remember, in DC, there's never a competitive election, other than in the primaries.
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