Friday, January 28, 2005

What better way to say "I love you" than with the gift of a spatula . . . smacked right into Tom Boswell's backside?

Post columnist trashed by several of us; Nats sign some guy; other stuff

Yesterday, Wash. Post columnist Tom Boswell got our attention here in Natsland by (perhaps?) attempting unilaterally to undo a transaction made back in November; less charitably, he simply forgot that Juan Rivera is no longer a Nat---a curious lapse of no small degree, since the column mentioned the guy acquired for him, Jose Guillen, several times.

At any rate, Boz, not content with resting on infamous laurels, added yet another notch to his belt for the gaffe. He's got a ways to go before he matches Michael Phelps in hardware, but give Boz time.

Last night, Ryan (Distinguished Senators) chimed in on the blunder, and he added enough substance to the inevitable enmity to earn a mention. At first blush, Ryan levels a serious charge:

Boswell thinks Rivera is still a Nat, so he's "promising." If he'd
remembered the trade, Rivera would have been a "platoon" or "utility" player that Jim Bowden suckered the Angels into taking in exchange for proven RBI-driver-inner Jose Guillen.

In reality, though, Ryan captures the essence of yesterday's criticism; yes, he says what we're all thinking. And it's a little sad. As Chris (Capitol Punishment) points out, this is the once-great Tom Boswell here.

(For the record, the column has not been edited to reflect acknowledgement of the error, and today's column is about college basketball.)

In other news, the Nats have signed ex-Japanese Leaguer George Arias, as covered with admirable depth by Adub. He sums up Bowden's obsession with making tiny roster moves rather perfectly, too. It's a no-commitment minor league deal, and I suspect that this Arius, though dead for almost 1,700 years, has a roughly equivalent chance of making a big impact for the '05 Nats.

Also worth a read is The Nats Blog's take on Sports Illustrated baseball writer Tom Verducci's attempt to equate walks in baseball with turnovers in football. And the season ticket impasse between John (Nationals Pastime) and the used car salesmen in the Nats' ticket office appears to have been settled. Kudos to John for not taking that treatment lying down.

Programming note: Big weekend in the works for the Nationals Inquirer blog. The "Nat of the Day" series will resume, and look forward to an essay on the masculinity of ESPN's John Clayton (and how it relates to "baseball nerds").

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