Monday, January 24, 2005

Vanity Check

The Inquirer wants to know if he can improve the layout of his blog

Okay, enough third person references . . .

As loyal reader Yuda pointed out a few days ago, I changed my Blogger template. Then I changed it again. I like this one, for a couple of reasons that aren't really important enough to detail.

That said, I've been toying around with different stylistic and formatting conventions. I think I'm set on the title/subtitle approach. However, the font sizes have been bugging me. At home, for instance, "Large" type looks pretty good for the subheads; when I check during lunch at work, however, it looks like something from a dot matrix printer.

Today, I think I decided to go with "Small" as the main text and "Normal" for the subheads. It makes the body of the text a bit more readable---at least it does now at lunch.

Any suggestions?

To be honest, I don't know enough about Blogger's style editing software to comment intelligently.

So, instead, I'll leave a meaningless piece of drivel. ;)
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