Thursday, January 20, 2005

Idiot Wind

Yesterday---in fact, in my previous post---I was slightly critical of an Associated Press article that surmised the chance that NoVa could get baseball after all, in the wake of a DC collapse. In the process, I lambasted a certain Mr. Frey for somehow having the unmitigated gall to ask for more VBSA money, in light of the fact that it's been blow straight out of the water (or, rather, its rock pile).


As our astute (and, so far, only) reader "John" has pointed out, that AP article is just a tiny bit untimely; in fact, given the events of the still-recent past, its theme was not at all ridiculous but in fact almost uncannily prescient.

Yeah, the article was published on November 6.

Like I said, whoops.

I do apologize to those good sirs at whom I threw verbal arrows, as well as all loyal supporters of the VBSA---yes, all dozen of you. I would like to offer a compelling justification for mistake, but I'm afraid nothing of the sort is forthcoming. Instead, well, like I said, whoops. You see, I saw an AP article about the VBSA guys yesterday or the day before, and then I subsequently logged on to the "Ballpark Guys" DC baseball forum and saw a thread that contained an article from---you guessed it---the Associated Press, about---you guessed it---the VBSA---that had a lead that---you guessed it---sounded quite familiar to the read I had read. In my haste, I did not notice that the thread began on Nov. 6.

I do wholeheartedly thank John for catching this rather pathetic error, and I promise to do my due diligence in the future. (At least I didn't attempt to disprove Gabe Paul's National Guard service or something!)

In fact, in order to redress my error, I have declared this blog a "VBSA-free zone." I'm sure there's plenty else to talk about, especially since there isn't much VBSA-related to talk about anymore.

At any rate, please do continue reading. And I hope my second day is better than my first.

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