Saturday, January 22, 2005

How RFK's gonna play

Capitol Punishment takes a look at this Wash. Post article on the subject.

I agree that the article is interesting yet less-than-satisfying. Chris devotes considerable attention to the article, and I suggest you give it a look. It's a good read.

To summarize quickly, if you think about it there are three ways (at least) to look at the subject of "how a park plays," i.e., its "park factor":

  1. the balance between the advantage given to the pitcher or the hitter;
  2. how the park compares to other parks within a given era; and
  3. how the park compares to other parks without consideration of any given era (i.e., throughout baseball history).
The Post article doesn't really delineate between these varying standards; the result is an interesting article, sure, but not a tremendously insightful one.

PS: I think it'll be refreshing to have a "new" park that has symmetrical dimensions, at least for a few years. It's not because I don't find the 90s era parks uninteresting; some of them are quite frankly beautiful. Instead, it is because all good things can be taken too far. Some of these 00s era parks have dimensions so strange it is almost like the designer was on quaaludes.

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