Tuesday, January 25, 2005

How in the hell did you come up with mail fraud?

MLB.com Nats beat writer Bill Ladson, who probably does not look like Ed Harris, purports to answer fans' questions but doesn't say anything interesting

If Ladson isn't going to give us anything, he should at least adopt a Bill James, "I hold contempt for your very question" approach to 'net chatting.

Among the juicy tidbits we receive are that the Seligian trustees are really cheap (though that's good, since investing in Sammy Sosa in 2005 is like investing in pumpkins in November ; that Tavares says the team is "close" to a radio deal (even though SportsTalk 980/WTEM-AM already has its Nats link up); and that---be still my heart---the Vermont club will still be called the Expos.

We could just as well blame the rather banal questions presented to (or selected by) Ladson, I suppose. I don't mean to deride Ladson. I'm sure he's not given much by MLB itself or its subsidiary Go Pravda! network, which means that the AP and the two daily rags probably scoop him on everything but scintillating Winter League statistics.

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