Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hey, another blog!

Say hello to District of Baseball

Actually, like the Washington Nationals Blog, this one has been around quite a bit longer than my blog. But I just noticed it, via a link on the Nationals Pastime blog.

District of Baseball, the creation of "Jeff," dates back to New Year's Day it would appear, and I must say it looks really good. The interlocking "D/B" logo is very nice, and like Natfanatics, this blog has an exceedingly cool technical feature: this time, it is a links section in the right margin that recounts and links to the three most recent entries of each linked blog. Cool! (And thanks for including me!)

The content is exceptional, too. Jeff gives his take on articles from an impressive variety of sources with a concise paragraph or two. There are also interactive polls. I like it.

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