Friday, January 21, 2005

Game on

Nats to play April 3 exhibition against the Mets, Ken Wright of the Washington Times reports:

The Washington Nationals confirmed yesterday they will play the New York Mets in a charity exhibition game at RFK Stadium on April 3, meaning the 44-year-old facility must be ready for baseball 11 days before the Nationals' official home opener.

Meh, no big deal. If the Nation's Cap can finally reel in an actual MLB team, it sure as heckfire can open up a playable baseball facility less than two weeks before the home opener.

In related news, I predict RFK will be ready on April 3 at 1:04 pm. Good enough. It's like what the co-pilot of the plane carrying Holly Gennero McClane said to the pilot in Die Hard II: "Any landing is a good landing."

The article goes on to state that the exhibition's proceeds "will go to the Washington Nationals Foundation, a soon-to-be-established charity organization. " That sounds a little bit like The Human Fund to me, but then again, I'm an unduly cynical guy; I'm sure this charity not-yet-in-existence will be legit.

Two more notes:

More symmetry - the Senators' last game in 1971 was against the Yankees, and the Nats first RFK game is against the other New York team. And we were lucky enough to have our traditional rivals, the Diamondbacks, for our home opener.
Yeah, it's nothing like opening your all-time home slate against a bunch of guys running around in pajamas. Too bad Super Mario isn't their manager anymore . . .
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