Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Gabbo! Gabbo!! GABBO!!!

The Associated Press decided to waste our time today:

What if Major League Baseball really tells D.C. to take a hike? Could they move the Expos to Northern Virginia? Those in the know say there's a chance that could happen.

Those in the know, eh? Now, to whomever could this article refer?

The Virginia Baseball Stadium Authority is still in existence,

Oh, those guys. I thought the only thing the VBSA knew was failure---well, failure and where to find some rocks.

and vice chairman Michael Frey says even though they're downsizing their Reston office, a skeleton crew will remain through the winter. Frey says that its funding authority expires January first, and if Virginia is to be in a position to do anything, that would have to be extended by the General Assembly.

Ah. In other news, Mr. Frey is making a bald request for money.

But Frey doesn't want to falsely raise the hopes of fans who would prefer a team in Northern Virginia rather than D.C. Frey says considering how long Major League Baseball took to make a decision, he's very skeptical they'd give up very easily.

You think?

So, basically, this article was saying, "Hey, there's a chance that something with very little chance of happening could happen. But, just to make sure you read, we're going to phrase our lead in the most deceptive way possible. And then we're going to support the lead with quotes from one self-interested guy."

My reaction to this article is similar to that of Krusty the Klown's, upon seeing "Eastern Europe's favorite cat'n'mouse team, Worker & Parasite":

[mouth agape, cigarette falling out] What the hell was that?

Uh, the article you're talking about is from November 6th.
Oh, wow... no, I'm wrong. Boy, do I feel stupid!
No, actually, I was right. There was a new article on this topic yesterday, but you're quoting the one from November.

In today's article, they just say that they're keeping it open despite no funding. From the article:

"There still remains some degree of uncertainty about the finality of the Washington Nationals baseball team being located in Washington, D.C.," authority chairman Keith Frederick said.

This is true. There are a couple of ways the thing could still fall apart, even though they're both unlikely. The next cost estimate could come in too high, or the city council (particularly former mayor Barry) could do as he promised and find a way to reject individual contracts for ballpark construction, effectively delaying the stadium indefinitely.

There's nothing unreasonable about the new article. If you take the Nov. article and think it's todays, then it makes no sense!
Uh, whoops! I don't know how that happened.

Good thing I've got a valid defense: "It's my first day." ;-)

Anyway, eh, thanks for reading!!!
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13 actually. I can't be bothered to keep my own blog, but I read most of the other ones. ;)
You the man, Yuda. (Are you Yoda's cooler, taller brother?)
Well, as a good friend used to say about me back in college, "Yuda vs. Yoda: one is a wise, eccentric alien; the other was in Star Wars."
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