Thursday, January 20, 2005

Around the horn and back again

Continuing my crash course in Nats blogging . . .

Anyway, the second scenario is a pretty interesting angle. To wit:

Bowden signed Loaiza because there is interest in Armas/Ohka and he wants to trade. I favor this one because it fits with Bowden's personality. However, the goals were shore up the left side of the infield, get a starter, and get bullpen help. Bowden has done all that (has he done it well is a question I won't answer here). Would he really trade to fill a need we don't have? Probably.

Maybe so. Anyone see any quotes from Bowden on Armas and Okha, aside from arbitration-type talk? Or, perhaps more to the point, from Frank Robinson?

It's just silly to expect anything more than a 4.50 ERA from him. He had one magical season, but that was so out-of-line with the rest of his career, it's as big a fluke as Brady Anderson's 1996.

Hell, maybe it's even more of a fluke. I mean, Anderson was no 50-homer guy in real life (except for the fluke season, of course), but at least he showed some tendency to hit for power in other years, including one or two (such as 1992) before the Offensive Era began in earnest.

The beautiful thing, though, is that Loiaza need not pitch particularly well to be a tradable commodity; the Nats just have to score some runs for him, and perhaps fate will give us an 11-7 pitcher at the trade deadline. Many contending teams would pull off a trade for him under that circumstance, and some of them might give up something reasonably good to do it. Hell, the guy made the all-star team last year despite not pitching all that well in the first half. Won/lost record ignorance is bliss.

Of course, that means the offense will actually have to show some proclivity toward scoring runs, which last year's Expos certainly didn't exhibit---but you never know.

I expect he'll do better than that career line for ERA [3.50], a bit worse on K/9 [around 9] and somewhere right around it for everything else. All in all, he should be a solid reliever, though he's a bit of a DL risk.

Yep. Milk Carton Pitcher.

And wrapping up quickly . . .

At any rate, that's my wrap-up of the established and active Nats-related blogs. If I've missed any, please let me know. In sum, I'd have to say that there are some interesting, insightful, and entertaining writers in this fine neighborhood, and I'm going to have to work extra hard just to keep up. But this sounds like fun.

Think of William World News as an "executive news summary" of Nationals clips, plus the other stuff I like.
Duly noted. And thanks for the mention over at your place.
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